Creating a Season

StudioLAB offers the user total control when setting up their Season. The system allows each Season to have their own, Start and End Date, Registration Charges, Billing Periods and Holidays. You can also elect to show or hide the entire season to families on the Family Portal.

 Users also have the ability to have multiple active seasons as well as create upcoming seasons. More information and guides about how to best create your seasons can be found on the Season page in the system.

StudioLAB - Knowledge Centre - Studio Wizard Set up

Studio Wizard Set up

Our Studio Wizard guides you through some important initial studio setup settings.

StudioLAB - Knowledge Centre - Pro Rata

Pro Rata

StudioLAB's offers the flexibility of allowing studios to set Pro Rata.

StudioLAB - Knowledge Centre - Registration Charges

Registration Charges

Learn how to set up your Registration charges through StudioLAB's.