Student Attendance List

The Student Attendance List page shows all the classes in which the student has enrolled in (for a selected Season). Users are also able to use the Season drop down selector to view past or future seasons. From this page users can mark students as either:

  • Attended
  • Absent / Charge
  • Absent / No Charge

If the student is marked as No Charge, the class session will be automatically deducted from their Auto-tuition price. By default, once a class session has passed, the system will automatically mark all the students as Attended, saving the user time. Any gaps within a Billing Period, Holidays and Cancelled Classes will appear in the attendance list as greyed out blocks.

If a student enrolls in a class after it has started, any sessions before their enrollment date will be disabled. If a student drops from a class before it has ended, any sessions after their drop date will be disabled.

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