Viewing a Student -Studio view

Each student has its own dedicated page that allows users to see all the important information of a student, while also being able to Edit Student, Enroll in Packages and Enroll in Class. Users can also navigate to the Attendance List tab from this page.

This page also shows all the Classes and Packages in which the student has enrolled in (for a selected Season). If the studio has multiple Seasons, the user is able to use the Season drop down selector to view past or future seasons.

Each Class in which the Student has enrolled in, will appear in the Enrolled in Classes table with some high-level information such as Class name, Season, Location, Enrolled Date and a link to DROP the class. Clicking on a Class will take the user to the Class page.

Any Packages in which a student has enrolled in will be displayed here. The table outlines the key information of the package. Clicking on the DROP link will open up the Drop Package pop up.

StudioLAB - Knowledge Centre - Enrolling from the Student Page

Enrolling from the Student Page

Users can easily enroll students from their own page.

StudioLAB - Knowledge Centre - Enrolling in a Student Package

Enrolling in a Student Package

Learn how to enrol in a Student Package with StudioLAB's.

StudioLAB - Knowledge Centre - Attendance List

Attendance List

The attendance page allows users to mark students as attended or absent.